The company was born in France, for the passion in cycling of Mr. Jean Martinage, the first name M9 MARTINAGE. Three triangles symbolized the letter M, 9 were the letters in MARTINAGE and so the pun was easy, especially in French, as the letter M, is pronounced as the verb “AIME” (AMA) and the word NEUF (New, Nuevo, New, Nouveau), is written exactly like the number Nine / 9. 9. In all languages, M9 is very easy to say. However, these considerations are from another era. From the beginning the company has made sportswear for cycling. Today, with M9 SPORT, we fully dress your team with the best products in the industry in a fast, simple and affordable way The mission of M9 SPORT is to provide teams with high quality customized products for professionals and sports enthusiasts.
The mission of M9 SPORT is to provide teams with high quality customized products for professionals and sports enthusiasts.



M9 sport history



As is often the case during World War II, people's fates intersect to unite over the course of a lifetime. One day ... Jean Martinage is forced to replace his teammate in a tandem race, suddenly, and only a few minutes before the start. He was offered to accept Suzanne Chavigny who volunteered. Suzanne is a perfume delivery agent. Each of her Parisian deliveries is made up of 35 kg of Guerlain. For two years she has been running around the Parisian hills for deliveries on a bicycle. She weighed 50 kg. She has never been on a Tandem, but she has the "Grit". Jean will say after the win: "It was very easy, because I had a motorcycle engine on the rear". Then it was love and work. Jean is a knitter and Suzanne is tireless. Their whole life in tandem will be devoted to sports and the production of their own custom clothes for clubs.



Evolution Progress history and history of the brand logos Throughout their professional life (1945 1985), Jean and Suzanne Martinage never felt the need to have a brand. Everyone in Paris went to dress at "Martinage" 1985 Nelly & Thierry will continue the parents' path.These are years of evolution in the production of sportswear, the first synthetic fabrics allow the transition from knitted cotton / wool to fabrics that can be laser cut, printed and sublimated. Over the following years, become concrete the ties with Italy, homeland and already the world heart of cycling.


First Logo

Creation of the first logo of the MARTINAGE brand: the "M" of the 3 Triangles ... which will live until 1998. It’s the beginning of the digital age in the business world: purchase of the first Macintosh and the first club drawings made with the mouse.Collaboration with Italy is now constant.


New Logo

Restyling of the logo, to celebrate the arrival of the first website. Martinage becomes M9. 9 letters for a words play which in French means "to love what is new". Innovation becomes the engine of the company Easy Design®


New Software

In 2002, the first customer software was born to help the graphic design of club clothing.


International Market

The market expands throughout Europe, and thanks to the online reassuring sales method, and the M9 guarantees of quality and service, satisfied teams grow. It is necessary to move the main part of the processing to Italy.


Development Italy

Fortuitous and lucky meeting with the Volpato family and the Italian Belief® Group. The story of another passion, a spark of Veneto at the service of sport and personalized clothing for clubs



the merger between the two production realities takes place quite naturally. M9 becomes an Italian company, but half of its heart beats in France.


The future

The future Birth of the new M9 Sport logo. After three years of intense work, all clothing lines have been redesigned, improved and integrated with new items, it is now possible to have customization for professional and amateur niche winter sports and sports activities. To do this, despite the period affected by the serious international health situation, we have strengthened the production chain with the hiring of new staff and innovation in new equipment; ... .. future goal, the strengthening of the international market, and to ensure that our production becomes a reference point for comfort and style in customized technical sportswear
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